Tłumaczenie, wydanie i promocja artystycznych książek dla dzieci i dorosłych

Lider projektu MALEJKI TOMASZ PIOTR Rok dofinansowania 2016 Schemat dofinansowania TŁUMACZENIA LITERACKIE (kategoria I)

1. The publication of artistic books for children and adults (books and e-books). Ad. crit. 1. Relevance – our project contributes to transnational circulation of Europ. literature: improving access to high quality works in PL (where – since the high costs for publishers – this access is more difficult), improving access to the literature from Central Europe on French-speaking markets. The project includes the publication of works with high quality content – no to respond to mass standards but to shape intellectual and aesthetic needs of young readers: 4+, 6+, 10+ and adults. The long-term effect is planned (books series).Ad. crit. 2. Quality of the content and activity – our high-quality publishing program is carried out by an experienced team (10 years of experience in publ. of artistic literature) and translators with high language skills and a expensive general knowledge.2. Introduction of the publications on market – distribution. Ad. crit. 1 and 2. Large distribution channels (contracts with distrubitors, sale:wholesalers, bookstores, bookstores networks, internet) is completed by innovative practices – promotion on the lifestyle field, design, art, film (shops, events)3. Promotion and educational activities. Ad. crit. 2 and 3. Promotion and communication. Promo campaign starts 6 weeks before the release based on our usual strategies – including distributors and bookstores, media (including media patronage): TV, radio, parental and lifestyle magazines, literary press, internet. Sending review copies. Innovation: social media, blogs, youtube, vimeo (the patronage of the selected youtube channel).Applications for literary competitions. Illustrator’s exhibitions. Workshops. Meeting with translators. Paper and digital edition of the free magazine FORMAT KSIĄŻKI. Information about EU support in all promo materials and in each subsidied book. Biographies of translators in each translated book. Edu and promo actions will continue after the end of the project.

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