Classics from Europe and Prose from Europe

Lider projektu Artur Burszta Biuro Literackie Kwota dofinansowania 59 648,79 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2015 Schemat dofinansowania TŁUMACZENIA LITERACKIE (kategoria I) Strona internetowa

„Classics from Europe and New Prose from Europe” is a project of Biuro Literackie – a Polish publishing house and organizer of a literary festival – aiming at enhancing circulation of European literature and providing Polish readers with valuable works of the most interesting authors of the contemporary literature from the continent. The project focuses on prose and consists of two blocks: „Classics from Europe”, which includes translations of the following books: Philip LARKIN “A Girl in Winter”, Raymond QUENEAU “Le Dimanche de la vie”, Carlo Emilio GADDA “Quer pasticciaccio brutto de via Merulana”, Nathalie SARRAUTE “Tropismes”, Tommaso LANDOLFI “Il mar delle blatte” and „Prose from Europe”, including the following publications: Miljenko JERGOVIĆ “Drugi poljubac Gite Danon”, Faruk ŠEHIĆ “Knjiga o Uni”, Lajos GRENDEL “Einstein harangjai”, Esther KINSKY “Am Fluss”, Peter NADAS “Emlékiratok könyve”. The series „Classics from Eurrope” was composed basing on the strong conviction that works of literature that have already become the groundwork for contemporary writers need to be translated into Polish to enable readers a better understanding of contemporary literature – as well on the local, national, European and international level. The series „Prose from Europe” aims at presenting the most interesting and intriguing contemporary authors from Europe, whose writing set new literary trends and who are natural points of references for Polish writers. The two series aim at stimulation cultural dialogue based on the good understanding of the literary background and the latest tendencies and involve the best translators experienced in the field. The project will have a widespread promotion including the presentation of the books during two editions of the festival organized in Wrocław by Biuro Literackie – Port Literacki (in April 2016 and 2017). The festival has already been recognized as one of the most important cultural initiative in Poland (20 years of experience).

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