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Today Art Initiative

Organizacja / Organisation Today Art Initiative Kraj / Country Armenia Strona internetowa / Website Kontakt / Contact [email protected] Obszar grantowy / Scheme Projekty Współpracy Europejskiej / European Cooperation Projects Dziedzina / Field Mobilność artystów/ Artists' mobillity
Technologia/ Technology
Architektura / Architecture
Dziedzictwo / Heritage
Literatura / Literature
Sztuki wizualne / Visual arts
Rola w projekcie / Project role Partner


Sector or field: Contemporary art , artists in residency , cultural heritage, visual arts, literature, architecture, arts and new technology

We would like to be partners and we are developing a project of Rural Art residencies with European countries. Please, get in contact if you work on rural art residency projects


non-governmental organisation
PIC number 946034114

"Today" Art Initiative (TAI) has founded in 2014 year. The aim of the organisation is to develop contemporary art acitivites and create a platform for experimental and innovative art practices and exchanges. TAI provides opportunities to reflect society’s issues and invetigate today’s life problems localy and international. The aim of exchanges and residencies is to create the dialogue between art practittioners in larger contextual level such as identity, community, nationality.
Our NGO's activities are: development of democracy , human rights sustainability. According to this we have following goals and objectives:
Our goals and objectivities include the development of contemporart art scence in Armenia and emphasize the activitiy of it in rural areas.
Develop artists in residency program in Armenia with exchage of international artists and bring the new innovative medias in Armenia as collaborative art practices .
Provide educational, cultural, information exchanges among youth in Armenian rural areas and other countries.
For the realization of all these, we are going to organize different local and international exhibitions,
festivals, seminars, researches, exchanges and artists in residency programs.
We aim to pay special attention on social projects in order to help young people with fewer opportunities, for their educational processes 3through our non-formal educational art projects, to make them to believe that they are a full member of a society, and has an important role of making the world more bright.
On April of 2015 TAI did a large international mail-art exhibition in Armenia, which was the first mail-art exhibition in Armenia. It called "Art for Peace" and the main aim was to promote importance of peace via artworks. Artists from 36 countries (Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Egypt, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, England, Wales, Estonia, Slovakia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, USA, Macedonia, Korea, Morocco, Poland, Ukraine, Iran, Serbia..etc ), arround 60 artists sent their original artworks in different technique to Armenia. The exhibition held in one of the main art institute of Armenia- Artists Union.
Since 2014 we are running artists in residency program in Yerevan and since 2019 in rural areas of Armenia. We aim to make it as exchange too by giving opportunity to local artists to travel another EU countries. Since 2014 we hosted artists from USA, Poland, Hong Kong, the UK, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Portugal..etc
TAI also supports youth in their intellectual, cultural and physical development, to create necessary conditions for full involvement of youth in social-economical, political and cultural life of the society and to help the young people discover their creative potential , thus to promote participation of youth in the civic life and be citizen artists and active youth.
In order to promote participation of youth in the civic society, be active artists/citizens and in various types of social youth activities , the organization took part in different youth projects of EU, where the most important projects are Youth in Action and Erasmus+ .

Previous EU grants received Erasmus projects, Creative Europe

Data publikacji: 27/02/2023
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