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Nikolaos & Eleni Porphyrogenis Foundation

Organizacja / Organisation Nikolaos & Eleni Porphyrogenis Foundation Kraj / Country Grecja / Greece (GR) Strona internetowa / Website Kontakt / Contact [email protected]
Stavroula Mastrogianni [email protected]
Obszar grantowy / Scheme Projekty Współpracy Europejskiej / European Cooperation Projects Dziedzina / Field Włączanie społeczne / Social Inclusion
Dziedzictwo / Heritage
Festiwal / Festival
Projekty interdyscyplinarne / Interdisciplinary projects
Sztuki wizualne / Visual arts
Sztuki Performatywne / Performative Arts
Taniec / Dance
Teatr / Theatre


The Puppet Making and Shadow Play Workshop "Kouklopedio" in Porphyrogenis Foundation, is a multidimensional art workshop aimed at primary school children and adolescents, focused at the creative use of their free time through contact with the art of puppetry and contemporary shadow theater, as a means of artistic expression and creation. Children with a lot of imagination and a willingness to experiment, adopt the idea of recycling and transform cheap materials in puppets and original scenery, composing a new magical world. This activity started in 2010 and has inspired, till now children and adults with collective actions, open educational programs and Puppet and Shadow Theater performances, exclusively by the children who participate in the workshops.

The educational program seeks to reach in a meaningful way groups of children and adolescents who do not have the opportunity, due to distance or social conditions, to have access and participation in creative and artistic activities. Through a children's first contact with puppetry, it seeks to give new impetus, enhance artistic creativity and free expression, and inspire a more optimistic view of the world.

The head of the puppet team “Kouklopedio” is the art teacher Stavroula Mastrogianni, with many years of experience as an artistic director and animator of Creative Workshops for Children and Adolescents of the Porphyrogenis Foundation.

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Preferred field of expertise: Αrt-educational activities / Puppetry / Children's theater / Music / Performances / Festivals / Exhibitions / Art Installations / Performing arts


The "Nikolaos and Eleni Porphyrogenis Foundation" wishes to contribute to the cultural and artistic interest of the wider region of Magnesia and the area around the villages of Pelion in central Greece.
Throughout the years the cultural, pedagogical and social activities of the Foundation, aims to reach out contemporary art to a larger audience. We organize the International Music Festival "Evmelia", various music and theater evenings, the Creative Workshops for Children and Adolescents “Kouklopedio - Puppets and Shadows”, exhibitions and tributes to Greek and foreign artists and book reviews in the big library of the Foundation (with over 10,000 book titles). All these are special attraction for the art-loving public of the region.
Our goal is to approach the new generation with sensitivity and constant tries and propose new ways of developing and cultivating the aesthetic identity of young people. This can happen through original actions that stimulate interest and propose a better quality management of free time for young people and citizens from all our area.

Data publikacji: 18/03/2022
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