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NEO ART Romania cultural association

Organizacja / Organisation NEO ART Romania cultural association Kraj / Country Rumunia / Romania (RO) Strona internetowa / Website Kontakt / Contact Andreea Sandu, [email protected], [email protected], 0040766652000 Obszar grantowy / Scheme Wsparcie obiegu literatury europejskiej / Circulation of European literary works Dziedzina / Field Technologia/ Technology
Zrównoważony rozwój / Sustainable development
Ekologia / Ecology
Architektura / Architecture
Wzornictwo / Design

PROJECT DESCRIPTION is a pilot project for a European Design network development and digitalization of the sustainable creative organizations and creators, with focus on eco and sustainable design. In order to create the best possible means of cooperation, the project has two routes: development of the platform and the cooperation in order to create the exhibitions, curatorial design pilot project and best practices. The aim is to create a network, to digitalize, to empower organizations and creators and to create a platform related to the sustainability theme in various creative areas starting with design. The pilot is part of future program:, which aims to become a European free creative sustainability platform, and cultural sustainability developing networks, communities, free tech instruments and resources.
Partners currently involved in the project:
A German organization and several Romanian partners

Preferred field of expertise:
A cultural organization which has experience in implementing European cooperation projects and can provide know how, and also has experience in cultural field, networks and platforms.

Sector or field: Culture, exhibitions, visual arts, sustainable design and architecture, online cultural platforms, contemporary art and design, sustainability, circular economy, art and technology


It is a cultural non-governmental organization that promotes national and international culture, cultural and artistic education, art and design programs. With a 10 years’ experience, we support both national and international art, contemporary reinterpretation of traditions in various communities, but also the development of science and technology, with their implications in the cultural sphere, mainly in visual arts. Most of our contemporary art projects are created through Galateca Gallery non-profit program.

Data publikacji: 05/04/2022
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