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Hybridart Management

Organizacja / Organisation Hybridart Management Kraj / Country Węgry / Hungary (HU) Strona internetowa / Website Kontakt / Contact Johanna Incze (+36304968935,[email protected]) Obszar grantowy / Scheme Projekty Współpracy Europejskiej / European Cooperation Projects Dziedzina / Field Zrównoważony rozwój / Sustainable development
Dziedzictwo / Heritage
Sztuki wizualne / Visual arts
Sztuki Performatywne / Performative Arts
Termin zgłoszenia się do projektu / Deadline for participation in a project 30.11.2023 Rola w projekcie / Project role Leader


The aim of our agency in this project is to create a new dialogue about the drastic pollution and environmental burden of Lake Balaton, as well as of lakes in Hungary and Europe, through art works and programmes, and to create motivation for change at the social level. The L.A.K.E. programme can serve as a model project in the partner countries.
Elements of the project:

Life: "Lake of Memories" international ReCup design competition, "Clean Festival" programme section, ReDesign workshops.
Art: Artists' Camp, L.A.K.E. Art Journey (Residency programme), thematic exhibition series, "What does the lake tell about?" drawing competition.
Knowledge:five-part podcast and five-part online webinar series.
Environment: "Town by the Lake" and ""Recycle-Bicycle" waste collection tour.



Hybridart Management has been working for 18 years on unique, creative, sustainable art projects. Moving away from classical concepts, our agency is implementing its programmes in a new context, giving young creators the opportunity to showcase their work and bringing together the worlds of art, science and business under the umbrella of sustainability



Data publikacji: 11/10/2023
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