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“Free Radicals" is a proposal for a hybrid collaborative toolkit for individuals and institutions within the creative and cultural sector designed to enhance their understanding of plant biodiversity in their practice. It will serve as a comprehensive resource, providing the community with the knowledge and tools necessary to explore and incorporate plant biodiversity into art, designs, architecture proposals or exhibitions. It will include information on various plant species, their ecological significance, and the role they play in supporting biodiversity. The toolkit will equally delve into the connections between plants and cultural heritage, highlighting the importance of preserving and championing botanical diversity, indigenous knowledge as well as the latest scientific findings. Additionally, it will feature practical guidance on sustainable sourcing of plant materials, ethical considerations, and methods for responsibly incorporating natural elements into exhibition making processes.
Enhanced comprehension of local biodiversity can play a pivotal role in addressing prevalent sustainability challenges faced by creative practitioners and cultural organisations. By acquiring a deeper understanding of the unique ecological makeup of a specific region, individuals and institutions can make informed decisions that minimise negative environmental impacts and promote sustainable practices. This understanding enables creative practitioners to harness the potential of local flora and fauna, integrating them into their artistic processes in a manner that respects and enhances biodiversity. Cultural organisations can also benefit from this knowledge by adopting sustainable policies and initiatives that prioritise the preservation and conservation of local ecosystems. Moreover, a heightened awareness of local biodiversity fosters a sense of responsibility and stewardship among creative practitioners and cultural organisations, encouraging them to actively contribute to the broader goal of environmental sustainability


Haenke is an interdisciplinary research studio that aims to raise awareness about the role of plant biodiversity for medicine and (more-than) human health. We create public space installations, debate forums, practical workshops, educational content or community outreach activities by combining traditional plant knowledge with evidence-based research and innovations. Using the transformative power of arts, culture, design, and other fields of creative expression as a vehicle for social change, we create impactful projects that result in better understanding of the natural world



Data publikacji: 21/09/2023
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