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éditions Riveneuve PARIS

Organizacja / Organisation éditions Riveneuve PARIS Kraj / Country Francja / France (FR) Strona internetowa / Website Obszar grantowy / Scheme Wsparcie obiegu literatury europejskiej / Circulation of European literary works Dziedzina / Field Literatura / Literature




Riveneuve is the independent publishing house that tells the world to the French and the French to the world.

Riveneuve produces around thirty books a year and weaves a social bond around books, it “socializes”: exhibitions, conferences, debates, musical readings, concerts, writing or calligraphy workshops... Riveneuve is also a cultural centre. At the level of an independent publishing house, it is about thinking globally and acting locally. Mindful that a significant part of French-language literature – that is, of the multiform world of the Francophonie or in translation – and of the humanities is generated by exile and travel, Riveneuve intends to contribute to the debates that animate French society through committed destinies in Europe, Africa, Asia or the Americas. Riveneuve listens to the foreign part that exists in each French as well as the French part that exists in each foreign author that it publishes.




Our consortium 

publishers in: Morocco, Bosnia and Italy
publisher and bookseller in Germany

We are looking for partners such as:

publisher, bookseller, cultural center and women writers

Data publikacji: 20/01/2023
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