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Ecole Supérieur d'Arts et Design (ESAD) in Grenoble/Valence

Organizacja / Organisation Ecole Supérieur d'Arts et Design (ESAD) in Grenoble/Valence Kraj / Country Francja / France (FR) Strona internetowa / Website Obszar grantowy / Scheme Projekty Współpracy Europejskiej / European Cooperation Projects Dziedzina / Field Nowe modele biznesowe
Technologia/ Technology
Wzornictwo / Design


ECRAN-PAPIER-EDITER / (EPE) / Screen- Paper-Edit / Ecole Supérieur d'Arts et Design (ESAD) in Grenoble/Valence

ESAD is a transdisciplinary school at the crossroads of professions and professional branches of the cultural sector. Deployed in two territories, ÉSAD•• also shares territorial ecosystems : two rich and singular terrains with complementary specificities for the same university.

In summary, the EPE project aims to establish independent and sustainable editorial design chains as alternatives to the traditional editorial chain, and to rethink the entire training chain up to proof of concept/prototyping: give the graphic designer and the paper engineer the necessary learning for a fluid, efficient, qualitative design and printing chain. In other words: to design a training that brings students into a tool independence correlated with an artistic independence to counter the clear separation between the design chains of printed and digital works - and the prevalence of expensive proprietary software tools.




Our consortium :

UNIVERSITY OF VALENCIA, GRENOBLE ALPES / engineering school ESISAR (Valence) / L’HEXAGONE : scène nationale arts & Sciences de Grenoble LUX : Scène nationale de Valence / engineering school PAGORA (Grenoble)

Institut supérieur des arts et métiers de Sfax


University of Lubiana / Slovénie

University of Zagreb / Croatia


We are looking for partners such as: => Esad type school/ university or even engineering school => a multidisciplinary cultural structure to test the editorial tool at the level of their communications officers



Data publikacji: 20/01/2023
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