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DRUŠTVO JASA – Jasa association

Organizacja / Organisation DRUŠTVO JASA – Jasa association Kraj / Country Słowenia / Slovenia (SI) Strona internetowa / Website Obszar grantowy / Scheme Projekty Współpracy Europejskiej / European Cooperation Projects Dziedzina / Field Literatura / Literature
Projekty interdyscyplinarne / Interdisciplinary projects
Sztuki Performatywne / Performative Arts
Rola w projekcie / Project role Partner


Within this project, Jasa would like to open a small bookstore-cafe in Slovenia, where only good books (eye-opening & enlightened books) would be available for the people and where it is possible to organize different literary events and workshops. Another idea is to dramatize or animate one of Jasa's books or to publish a new multilingual art book on a current topic.
Of course, we can also be involved in all other activities: artistic production (especially writing and painting), conduction of various courses and workshops, promotion and dissemination ...
Unfortunately, we will not be writing the project ourselves, as we are a small group and are currently involved in other activities - but we can be a strong and reliable support member in preparing the application and implementing the project (we have valuable experience of participating in EU projects).




Aims and activities of the organisation: To actively “co-shape” a society – using art-educational activities (mostly books and creative reading)

Jasa association is a non-profit, volunteer NGO, with 25 years of work experience (it is private, with the status of beneficial working in public interest).
Active in the field of culture and sustainable development. A small publishing house that publishes art books on the topics & challenges of modern society.

PIC number 934292749

Data publikacji: 23/02/2023
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