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eLearning Lab, Dept of Primary Education, University of Crete

Organizacja / Organisation eLearning Lab, Dept of Primary Education, University of Crete Kraj / Country Grecja / Greece (GR) Strona internetowa / Website Kontakt / Contact  Maria Prentaki, [email protected], tel +302831077193 Obszar grantowy / Scheme Projekty Współpracy Europejskiej / European Cooperation Projects Dziedzina / Field Budowanie potencjału/ Capacity building
Technologia/ Technology
Muzealnictwo/ Museology
Architektura / Architecture
Dziedzictwo / Heritage
Projekty interdyscyplinarne / Interdisciplinary projects


Sector or field cultural heritage, architecture, culture and technology, Education: ICT, Mobile Assisted Learning

The purpose of this project is to link the field of Education with the field of Culture with the use of advanced learning augmented reality technologies with the ultimate goal of highlighting the cultural heritage and encouraging collaborative creativity.

Partners currently involved in the project Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Serbia, Spain, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy

Partners searched
Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary
Sweeden, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Austria

Preferred field of expertise: Education [Schools], Educational Technology, Culture, Arts, Museums, Archaeology


Augmented Reality, Cultural Heritage & Collaborative Creativity:Connecting Education & ICT Sector with Culture:

The Laboratory for Advanced Learning Technologies in Lifelong and Distance Learning [e-Learning Lab] intends to create a consortium among Schools and Institutions of Culture from Greece and from European countries.

The purpose of this project is to link the field of Education with the field of Culture with the use of advanced learning technologies [augmented reality, gamification, Projection mapping, Dance Pedagogy, performance etc] with the ultimate goal of highlighting the cultural heritage and encouraging collaborative creativity.
Based on the proposed methodology of the University of Crete,
students/adult learners, educators and people in the field of culture, will work together through experiential / creative activities to highlight the added value of the cultural heritage of their place, creating integrated Interactive Tours  and digital games with use of mobile devices as well as other advanced technologies.

The University of Crete, within the framework of the programme, will take on:
1. The training of all stakeholders (teachers, representatives of cultural institutions, etc.) by offering a specialized training program (F2F and e-learning) which will allow those involved to design and to implement their actions based on the special needs of their countries.

  1. The supply of the necessary software and equipment for the implementation of the proposed methodology.
  2. The continuous support (pedagogical, technological, administrative) of the stakeholders throughout the program.

Finally, a community of interest/practice will be created in which  participants will exchange ideas and views and collaborate on common themes both during and after the project. This community will be open to anyone interested, aspiring to be a cradle of new ideas and a place to develop collaborations between people of technology, education and culture.

More Details

The duration of the project is going to be about 4 years 2022-2025.

During this time, local Cultural Operators [museums, archaeological sites, etc.] will collaborate with a local Educational Institution [e.g. school] in a training program organised by the eLearning Laboratory of the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education of the University of Crete. The training program includes pedagogical methodology, Augmented Reality Applications, Digital Storytelling, field trips / Interactive tours, practical application, events etc.

After the training, the proposed methodology will be implemented in Educational Institutions. The Cultural operators will proviide teachers and students with historical resources / information, educational program for students or whatever else is deemed necessary, in collaboration with teachers, so that students can create interactive tours, Augmented Reality Activities etc. for the specific cultural site or museum with which they collaborate.

The results of this project can be used both by the school and by the respective Cultural Operator in the future.

Also, both Educational Institutions and Cultural Operators are going to take part in actions for the dissemination of the project.

The fact that representatives of the Cultural Organization will receive similar training, as well as the teachers of the collaborating school, will allow them to create similar applications in the future [beyond the project boundaries] to reach a wider audience and offer more interactive experience for visitors.

For the smooth progress of the project, it would be ideal that the local Educational Institution cooperate with the local Cultural Operator throughout the project.



pedagogical implementation of advanced learning technologies [ICT] to all types and levels of Education

Data publikacji: 04/04/2022
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