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Cerveira Biennial Art Foundation

Organizacja / Organisation Cerveira Biennial Art Foundation Kraj / Country Portugalia / Portugal (PT) Strona internetowa / Website Kontakt / Contact Ana Vale Costa Obszar grantowy / Scheme Projekty Współpracy Europejskiej / European Cooperation Projects Dziedzina / Field Mobilność artystów/ Artists' mobillity
Technologia/ Technology
Dziedzictwo / Heritage
Sztuki wizualne / Visual arts
Rola w projekcie / Project role Partner


We are interested in participating as a partner in European  projects linked to this sectors or fields


The Cerveira Art Biennial Foundation (FBAC) aims to promote contemporary art at national and international level, through multidisciplinary program, the organization of the Cerveira
International Art Biennials, management and conservation of the Foundation's collection, boosting the Museum (which has a
collection of over 700 artworks valued at more than 1.5 million€). It has an extended institutional partnership in
Portugal (associations of artists, institutions of higher education, professional schools, companies, and credit institutions), thus being a key instrument for the professionalization and consolidation of cultural and creative projects. It should be noticed that it organises the oldest biennial of the Iberian Peninsula (since 1978) bringing together moreover 500 international artists and 25 thousand visitors per edition. It is a successful case study of transnationality, public development, and democratization of culture. The Cerveira
Biennial Museum received the Best Museum of the Year Award 2019, by the Portuguese Association of Museology



Data publikacji: 20/01/2023
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