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ISIS Arts z Wielkiej Brytanii poszukuje partnerów do projektu

ISIS Arts z Wielkiej Brytanii poszukuje partnerów do projektu

Brytyjska organizacja ISIS Arts poszukuje partnerów do projektu z Niemiec, Polski, Irlandii, krajów Morza Bałtyckiego, Holandii, Danii i południowej Szwecji w zakresie następujących dziedzin:

  • sztuki wizualne,
  • badania,
  • projektowanie przestrzenne.

Projekt KORYDOR (Korytarz) to międzynarodowy projekt łączący artystów i organizacje kulturalne wzdłuż korytarza rozciągającego się od wschodu do zachodu Europy.

Termin zgłaszania zainteresowanych: 10 czerwca 2016


Poniżej treść informacji w oryginale:


Expression of Interest

PROJECT OUTLINE – Korydor/Korridor/Korytarz/Corridor etc


Korydor (working title) is a transnational project bringing together artists and cultural organisations along a corridor that stretches from the very east of Europe to the west.


Korydor will consider the role of art as a means to explore public space as a place for free expression, social encounter and shared responsibility – a place to demand our freedoms and assert our identities.  A mirror of our changing society.


Through art commissions/residencies, professional exchange and critical discourse, Korydor will address the following questions:


  • How do we define the notion of public space in contemporary political and cultural contexts?
  • What is the role of public space in supporting intercultural dialogue?
  • How can art/culture influence and change the approach to public space? How do we  make the “audience” become participants, creators and active citizens by means of art?


Each partner will take a complimentary thematic approach and the project is likely to include temporary installation, critical discourse and professional development.


Korydor will form part of a Creative Europe Co-operation project with a deadline of 5th October 2016 .  We represent organisations in the UK and Ukraine are looking for interested project partners in the field of visual arts, research, advocacy or urban design from Germany, Poland, Ireland, Baltic States, Netherlands, Denmark or Southern Sweden. The corridor from East to West.


Expression of Interest:


If you are interested in being a partner on this project please send us:

  • A brief background to your interest in the subject and why you would want to be a partner.
  • Field of practice
  • Examples of transnational/trans border working
  • Eligibility: Confirmation that you have been constituted for more than two years and that you understand the financial responsibility
  • Availability to attend a meeting in the UK to plan the bid (airfare covered): late July 2016


Deadline for Expression of interest: 10th  June 2016

Final selection/agreement of partners:  15th June 2016


Please respond to Clymene Christoforou: [email protected]


Current partners include:


ISIS Arts, UK:  ( (lead)


ISIS Arts is an established not for profit organisation which for over 20 years has delivered a strong visual arts programme working with public sector partners to create works of art within neighbourhoods and public spaces. Our projects draw threads between communities, to reveal the stories that make us who we are. From the intimate to the spectacular they are presented as part of public programmes such as festivals or community events. We regularly draw on the theme of home and migration and are interested in the ideological, emotional, physical and virtual spaces where communities meet.

Our projects are international, often bringing artists to work alongside their diaspora communities, and recently working with Slovakian artists and the Roma community of Newcastle and previously with Indian and Polish artists and their communities.

We are current partners on ‘Corners’, a larger Creative Europe project involving 11 partners from the corners of Europe creating processes and artworks which engage locally and reflect issues relevant across the continent.

We are a well-networked organisation with membership of national and international networks and are executive committee members of Culture Action Europe. In the UK we contribute to regional and national conversations on the value of culture to our society and in 2014 were UK producers for ‘Beyond the Obvious’ Culture Action Europe’s annual conference held in Newcastle and Gateshead.


Congress of Cultural Activists, Ukraine: (


The Congress of Cultural Activists is a non-profit non-governmental organization comprised of creative and politically aware professionals based in Kiev, Ukraine. Key focuses of our activities are professional development, active citizenship, development of urban communities, and art-mobility.


Congress team is committed to intensification the dialogue and cooperation between Ukraine’s regions, to development by means of culture, integration of culture in national social and economic development strategies and inclusion of culture to the list of priority areas of cooperation with other countries.


Organisation is part of Alliance of Culture, a platform for civil society and public authorities, where national Cultural Development Strategy 2015-2025 is discussed and created. The process of strategy elaboration involves representatives from all sectors of culture, cultural activists and officials, members of national and municipal cultural institutions.


We are current partners of British Council Active Citizens programme and  Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity programme. Congress activities have been supported by various donors, as well as a number of local Ukrainian partners. We partner organisations in New York, Berlin, Reykjavik, Riga and Luxembourg.


СSM / Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art, Ukraine: (


СSM / Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art is a non-profit non-governmental organization that works in Kyiv since 2008 and promotes innovative artistic practices and responsible cultural criticism in Ukraine. We help to create an environment in which culture is regarded as an important agent of change. CSM has three main focus areas: education, criticism, and artistic practices.


CSM as a cultural institution one of the first in Ukraine began to turn to the subject of art in public space and continues to develop projects aimed at human interaction and cities. Since 2012 till 2014 we were a partner of SPACES project (Sustainable Public Areas for Culture in Eastern Europe) – partnership network in countries of Eastern Partnership, and held a series of participatory events in public spaces in Kyiv. International discussion platform “Spaces of Negotiation” (2012), project “SPACES: Architecture of Common” (2013), and “Holidays on the Block” (2014) focused on questioning and rethinking of public space and how cultural coexistence and participatory art can possibly be developed in the city. In 2015 we implemented “Mosaic of the City” project aimed at developing of participatory strategies of art interaction with the city and at work with local communities or vulnerable groups. In 2014-2015 we also carried out „Culture for Tomorrow” – educational and discussion project, which was designed  to develop a consolidated work on common strategies and to find possible solutions for painful issues arising in society during the revolution and war in Ukraine. We hold regular lectures, public debates and roundtables on major issues of democracy and civic participation through culture.


CSM is a publisher of Korydor online magazine about contemporary culture ( that was launched in 2010 as a self-supported initiative of journalists and critics. It still remains the only media resource in the country that is fully independent, partially supported through crowdfunding. It serves as starting point and on-job-training for a number of cultural journalists and critics and regularly discusses crucial issues of censorship, political pressure, rights of cultural workers, cultural policy etc. During six years of its independent existence “Korydor” defends the importance of critical thinking and provides a platform for communication between different communities.


For more information please contact [email protected]


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