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Lider projektu Beletrina - Academic Press (SI) Partnerzy projektu Ars Poetica o.z (SK)
Föreningen Littfest (SE)
Ledbury Poetry Festival (UK)
Nacionalna Ustanova Manifestacija Struski veceri na poezijata (MK)
Poetinis Druskininku ruduo (LT)
Poëziecentrum vzw (BE)
Studentsko kulturno umjetnicko drustvo ''Ivan Goran Kovacic'' (HR)
Unabhängiges Literaturhaus NÖ (AT)
Instytut Kultury Miejskiej (PL)
Kwota dofinansowania 366 196,8 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2014 Schemat dofinansowania PLATFORMY EUROPEJSKIE Czas realizacji 01.12.2014 – 30.11.2015 Strona internetowa

Poetry is a highly individualised expression of the human spirit, praising diversity and originality; it creates a bridge between the individuals and communities by passing it on in written form. The EU’s idea of respecting individuality and striving for its quality cohabitation must always recognise the metaphor in poetry and the sum of its endeavours. Versopolis is a pan-European poetry project of renowned literary festivals, bringing the best poetry closer to the audience and collaborating to create a pan-European added value and sustainable vision of the initial idea.


We wish the voices of generations not yet established in the European area were in the conscience of European literature lovers, not only the canonised and famous poets. The selected authors will receive attention through performances and translations of their works on the digital platform.


The project includes renowned European literary festivals with an undeniable affinity to poetry. The authors circulate around the festivals, presenting themselves to poetry lovers and professionals. The connecting goes in different directions: between the festivals, the authors, the authors and the public, and between the authors and publishers, editors.


The project addresses the widest European audience, sensitizing it to the highly individualised language of poetry, and to the specific national characteristics and backgrounds of the guest authors. The PR strategies include contemporary and original approaches to domesticate the language of poetry, which remains barricaded in the academic spheres. The platform will play an important role in this by including the existing and new audience.


We follow opinions, visions, views, at the highest level; we place focus on common European values, creating an integrated European poetry identity. The collaborations are joined in creating an original perspective of poetry festivals for a joint future collaboration.

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