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The New Canon of European Literature

The New Canon of European Literature

Lider projektu Artur Burszta / Biuro Literckie Rok dofinansowania 2021 Schemat dofinansowania Wsparcie obiegu literatury europejskiej Strona internetowa

The New Canon of European Literature is a project designed by Biuro Literackie – a Polish independent publisher – stimulating circulation and diversity of European literary works and providing readers in Poland with valuable works of the most interesting authors from the continent that have not been translated into Polish before. The project brings together 21 books of 21 most important contemporary authors written in 21 European languages (each country is represented by one author) and translated by 21 translators, manifesting powerfully the polyphonic complexity of the European literature. The common denominator of all books from the package – despite their high artistic quality – is addressing important problems of the contemporary world (discrimination, environmental damage, gender inequality). In this way the project demonstrates the stimulating potential of literature that is a space of discussion and communication and can be a trigger of change. The package includes 9 poetry volumes, 9 pieces of prose (novels, short stories) and 3 books for children and young adults. Widespread distribution strategy guarantees and easy access to the works (prepared in paper and digital format) whereas widespread, innovative and multi-channel promotional activities including the presentation of each book, author and translator during Station Literature festival (organized by Biuro Literackie and recognized as one of the most important cultural initiatives in Poland) secure the visibility of the package. The project involves the best and experienced translators contributing to raising their profile and is designed to have a lasting impact on the publishing sector bringing together and encouraging collaboration between authors, translators, publishers, distributors, booksellers, libraries and all members of the book chain strengthening the competitiveness of the book sector

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