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TEH – Trans Europe Halles

TEH - Trans Europe Halles

Lider projektu Trans Europe Halles Kwota dofinansowania 250.000,00 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2017 Schemat dofinansowania Sieci europejskie Strona internetowa

Trans Europe Halles is a European network of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists. The network has been at the forefront of repurposing Europe’s industrial buildings for arts, culture and activism since 1983. TEH’s mission is to facilitate the sustainable development of civil-society initiated cultural and creative organisations based in repurposed spaces, by connecting and supporting them. The network envisions an equal, free and inclusive society where culture, arts and creativity have a transformative power.


Through the project “Factories of Imagination: Investing in Cultural Change Makers”, TEH is addressing the lack of means for professional development and international peer-to-peer learning between non-governmental cultural centres. To achieve this, TEH will start by mapping out cultural centres initiated by civil society around Europe in order to identify and connect the different actors in this fragmented sector. TEH will then organise 8 meetings to offer training courses on Business Models and Organisational Development, support 14 emergent cultural centres and launch a cultural leadership programme to help bring together aspiring leaders around Europe. TEH will also focus more on promoting and facilitating international cooperation throughout the project. Four rounds of staff exchange programmes are planned to increase mobility between TEH members. Project labs and thematic hubs established during meetings will help stimulate collaboration within the network, thus enabling cultural players to internationalise their careers and activities.

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