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Lider projektu THE BRITISH COUNCIL (UK) Partnerzy projektu ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE TEATRO DELLA LIMONAIA (IT) BIOS EXPLORING URBAN CULTURE (EL) ZADUZBINA ILIJE M. KOLARCA (RS) TEATR CHOREA (PL) Kwota dofinansowania 200 000 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2014 Schemat dofinansowania PROJEKTY WSPÓŁPRACY EUROPEJSKIEJ (kategoria I – granty na mniejszą skalę) Czas realizacji 01.12.2014 – 31.05.2017 Strona internetowa

The project gathers British Council, Bios, Chorea, Kolarac and Limonaia, organisations active in performing arts, driven by a strong desire to connect or re-connect with young adults (18-25) in an effort to engage with a wider and more diverse audience. During the project, the partners will re-imagine artistic programmes from the point of view of younger generations, making a lasting impact on staff and how they involve, engage with and attract young audiences as well as a learning experience for the young participants. The project will propose an innovative demand-led audience development model, establishing a Youth Board in the four arts organisations in Greece, Poland, Serbia and Italy in order to include young people’s voices and opinions in artistic programmes and visions. Each Youth Board will then be in charge of curating and producing “Take Over events”, as a carte blanche for them to create an offer that reflects their generation’s cultural aspirations. Throughout these activities, partners’ staff will receive training and learn from other European experiences, notably from the UK and Finland. This will help them to better understand how to engage with young people through these innovative techniques. In parallel, the Youth Board members will gain a unique insight of the European cultural market and new professional skills. The work plan includes 20 activities: a study visit, participatory workshops, baseline and impact surveys, a European seminar, series of Youth Board sessions, a mentoring scheme, 4 bespoke Take Over events, an external evaluation, a final conference, an online platform complemented by local communication strategies. The results will be the promotion of a more inclusive and upstream approach of Young Audience Development in the European performing arts sector, a blueprint for Arts professionals to re-think their programmes and services from the perspective of their audience, a new generation of cultural players equipped with new skills.”

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