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Shared Experiences in Literature

Shared Experiences in Literature

Lider projektu KOLEGIUM EUROPY WSCHODNIEJ IM.JANA NOWAKA-JEZIORANSKIEGO WE WROCLAWIU Kwota dofinansowania 27 352,09 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2014 Schemat dofinansowania TŁUMACZENIA LITERACKIE (kategoria II) Czas realizacji 1.09.2014 – 31.08.2015

The Polish book market is skewed towards the Western European languages. Under these conditions literatures of countries that share with Poland the history of democratic change in the last twenty years have been significantly neglected. People living in the Eastern half of the European Union have had few opportunities to share their experiences of economic, social and cultural transformation. Freedom has had a double effect on the societies. On the one hand, it brought new social structures and new hardships, while on the other the venues for discussion and expression have increased immensely.These changes can be easily discussed in scientific literature, but works of fiction are most effective at conveying social sensibilities. Questions of identity are communicated at a personal level thus can be more clearly imagined and felt by the reader. Moreover, the selected works have recommended by cultural institutions representing those countries in Poland, having in mind the tastes of local readership. In addition, Polish as a language is a quantitative step-up for most of the works chosen for publication. With the exception of German all other languages are significantly smaller and Polish here serves as a medium for promoting these works abroad. By choosing Ukraine and Russia as primary targets the project seeks to enter markets that are less explored by European publishers but share the cultural themes that this projects seeks to discuss.One more significant aspect of this project is the publication of all works in electronic format. It appreciates the free movement of people within Europe and thus the need to make works accessible across the continent. Moreover, as reading habits change electornic books become inevitable.”

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