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REMA – Reseau Europeen de Musique Ancienne – European Early Music Network

REMA - Reseau Europeen de Musique Ancienne - European Early Music Network

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Joining Voices – Early Music in Europe

REMA is the only representative network for early music in Europe. Its main aim is to act as a network for its members and to encourage the exchange of knowledge, information and co-operation in the field of early music. The network was created in Ambronay in 2000 and represents 86 active organisations across 20 European countries which each aim to promote and raise the profile of early music.


REMA is engaged in the rediscovery and promotion of European musical heritage through the dissemination of ideas and research. The network intends to support the artistic development of member organisations and the early music sector throughout Europe in general, taking the geographical diversity of the field as a major asset. This support will facilitate the highest musical and artistic quality. REMA aims to shape the future of early music by stimulating cooperation between the various stakeholders and thereby help them to join voices. In order to reach these goals, REMA is promoting conferences for its members, the European Day of Early Music, the Early Music Award, a showcase for young artists, an online early music radio station and the European Early Music Summit in 2020

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