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Lider projektu KUD SODOBNOST INTERNATIONAL (SI) Partnerzy projektu UAB ""NIEKO RIMTO"" (LT)
Kwota dofinansowania 200 000 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2014 Schemat dofinansowania PROJEKTY WSPÓŁPRACY EUROPEJSKIEJ (kategoria I – granty na mniejszą skalę) Czas realizacji 15.09.2014 – 14.09.2016 Strona internetowa

The project Our Little Library aims to promote reading culture and new European children’s authors and illustrators who are well known at home but not necessarily in other European countries. KUD Sodobnost International, as well as the publishing houses Ezop from Poland and Nieko Rimto from Lithuania, are facing difficulties in bringing the work of their best authors and illustrators to a wider European market. To expand our literatures beyond our national borders we would like to use a model that has been very successful in Slovenia for the last six years. The project is going to promote reading among school children in an inventive and amusing way. Each publishing house will participate with two of their best children’s books. This will result in six high quality books, presenting 10 authors (writers and illustrators) in all three languages. The chosen works will be included in the activity book which will be printed in Slovene, Polish and Lithuanian. Activity books (distributed free of charge) are the most important means of involving a wider readership and getting school children to participate in the reading of high quality books that will increase their knowledge of other European countries and cultures. The project will be enriched by different promotional and creative activities by each partner. Ezop Publishing House will cooperate with Lalka Theatre; Nieko Rimto will organize a presentation of the project to other countries at the Vilnius Book Fair, as well as to Lithuanian readers. The moving exhibition of illustrated suitcases is aimed at promoting the illustrators who will be travelling in all three countries. The 3-day International seminar in Ljubljana will be dedicated to the problems of publishing industry in changing circumstances and to looking for new exchange opportunities, together with a meeting of participating illustrators, authors and publishers from Hungary, Estonia, Croatia, Turkey and the three partners countries.”

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