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Lider projektu MAGYAR ZSONGLÖR EGYESÜLET (HU) Partnerzy projektu COMPAGNIE 9.81 (FR) HRVATSKI INSTITUT ZA POKRET I PLES (HR) MOTUS TERRAE (EL) COMPAGNIE 9.81 (FR) HRVATSKI INSTITUT ZA POKRET I PLES (HR) MOTUS TERRAE (EL) TORUŃSKA AGENDA KULTURALNA (PL) Kwota dofinansowania 200 000 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2014 Schemat dofinansowania PROJEKTY WSPÓŁPRACY EUROPEJSKIEJ (kategoria I – granty na mniejszą skalę) Czas realizacji 20.11.2014 – 04.10.2016 Strona internetowa

Mixdoor is a European multidisciplinary initiative, including workshops and a creation of a performance combined from 3 different parts. The project takes 23 months and also includes 8 performances in different partner countries. Within the project European performers (Poland, Croatian, Hungarian, France, Greek) and professionals (visual, set design, technical etc.) and artists work together chosen at each performance venue. The casting will take place in the framework of four workshops. 8-10 involved artists: vertical dancers, circus artists, musicians and visual artists will collaborate in an inspiration and technical preparation period in Greece and a 6-8-week long rehearsal to create a performance, which is mixture of three elements: 1) specific vertical dance-circus performance outside, on the wall of a building 2) a promenade (laced with small site-specific performances: juggling, dancing, living installation), which involves the audience, taking them to the theatre 3) In the theatre the performance continues as a collaborative integration of dance, circus arts, music and projections, weaving together the threads of scenes one and two. The performances are connected at each location to a 2 weeks long workshop to integrate to the show 8-8 local artists in each city. This phase gives partners and the audience the opportunity to take part in a real intercultural dialogue, and serves even the purpose of getting closer to each other, making the shows more intimate, culture-specific. This mixdoor spectacle dissolves disciplinary boundaries and embraces public space to mystify, inspire and delight international audiences. The aim of the project is to create a large-scale performance that provokes new perspectives of public space and entices audiences into the theatre. The goal is to reach out to many different people by creating a universal show staged on architecture in cities throughout Europe and encourage the public to follow the artists as the work unfolds.”

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