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Near-Far Neighbourhood

Near-Far Neighbourhood

Beneficjent WIDNOKRĄG S.C. Kwota dofinansowania 59 500,00 € Rok dofinansowania 2019 Schemat dofinansowania TŁUMACZENIA LITERACKIE (kategoria I) Strona internetowa

The main objective of the project is to promote the cultural and linguistic diversity of the EU by publishing 8 high quality works (both in paper and e-book form): 6 for younger readers, thanks to which we will increase the circulation of underrepresented genres and 2 EUPL addressed to the adult reader, which will support access to the best EU literature.Each of the children book is a recognized title in its country, given awards or named on a bestsellers list. Our selection is firmly set within the project priorities concerning translating literature addressed to the young readers. EUPL books are high recommendation itself in terms of literary quality.In PL, most translations come from English (25%), and of those the majority are American. It means that children read about the life and problems of their peers in the area culturally and geographically distant from PL and the EU. The same situation is with adults. We want to increase access to the literature less present and show children books from 4 countries that are geographically close but nearly unknown to PL readers. We chose the books looking for common experiences. We want to show that children have similar problems and interests, long for friendship, acceptance and love, often have funny adventures and use this opportunity to present different culture. This way we will attain the project aims – promotion of multiculturality and linguistic diversity of the EU and increased mobility of European art – with lasting effect. As for adults we want to show the common European experience, both related to the history and to the present times. By literature we support better understanding of other EU cultures and intercultural dialogue. Additionally, through QR codes in each book, we expand traditional literature by metacontext, which – by connecting the real world with the virtual reality – make books more attractive. E-books is a innovative way to reach young people, who very much attached to all mobile devices.

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