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Lider projektu ANCIENNE BELGIQUE (BE) Kwota dofinansowania 500 000 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2017 Schemat dofinansowania PLATFORMY EUROPEJSKIE Czas realizacji 16-02-2018 Strona internetowa

The Liveurope Platform is an initiative bringing together 14 popular concert venues established in 14 countries across Europe. The key mission of Liveurope is to support live music venues in their efforts to foster cross-border circulation of emerging European music artists, through an incentive funding mechanism and a European quality label. Liveurope supports European concert halls which are active in the promotion of upcoming European talent, in order to create lasting effects in terms of cross-border circulation of European repertoire. Through incentive financial support, these concert venues are encouraged to implement a sustainable collective effort with a view to increasing the share of young European bands in their artistic programmes. In this perspective, the Liveurope Platform is built to provide a wider and more diverse choice of new European music to audiences across the continent, and to fully unleash the potential of Europe’s immense artistic potential, with long-term structuring effects. Since the launch of the Platform in 2014, Liveurope has supported more than 1000 young artists of more than 30 nationalities in 14 different concert venues. Thanks to an ambitious and coherent communication and PR strategy, Liveurope has established itself as a label of excellence in the field of live music in Europe. The Liveurope brand is now recognised as a sign of quality and openness in the live music field.The platform is designed to help music artists in the development of their careers, to trigger genuine enthusiasm for European music among music fans, and to reinforce professional ties in the European live music sector. Liveurope will build on its current results and develop a variety of new activities. An ambitious fundraising programme will be developed in order to rally more concert venues behind the Liveurope flag, and to have more upcoming European artists programmed in each venue.

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