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Live DMA – European Network for Music Venues and Festivals

Live DMA - European Network for Music Venues and Festivals

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Live DMA is a European non-governmental network working to support and promote the conditions of the live music sector. Live DMA is by nature an international collaboration network based on shared visions and values. Since its foundation the exchange of best practices and experiences has been the pivot of the network’s existence.

Music venues and festivals are one of the main providers for talent development in Europe. From local band support to renowned stages, these are the social places where people can meet and enjoy a large range of diverse artists. Venues and festivals have an important place in neighbourhoods in both rural and urban areas. They are open to diversity, have a strong impact on local economies, they increase the attractiveness of cities and they encourage a high level of volunteering.


Live Style Europe (LSE) is a building capacity programme that aims to empower music venues and festivals, as well as regional and national live music umbrella associations by providing them with the skills and tools to adapt to the evolutions of the live music sector. The LSE strives to structure the live music sector and to enhance the visibility of music venues all over Europe.

In order to achieve its goals, Live DMA focuses on collaborative actions such as peer-to-peer learning, exchanges at the European level between its members and partners and on producing a communication strategy.

The 6 activities of the LSE include: building a resource platform about regulation and best practises, holding a seminar on methodology to help music venue associations across Europe, organising thematic working groups for members, data collection (The Survey), an Indie venues campaign and holding one event: the Open Club Day.

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