Literackie zbliżenia

Literackie zbliżenia

Beneficjent Wydawnictwo EZOP Sp. z o.o. Kwota dofinansowania 52 200,00 € Rok dofinansowania 2018 Schemat dofinansowania TŁUMACZENIA LITERACKIE (kategoria I) Czas realizacji 28-05-2019 Strona internetowa

The main objective of „Literackie zbliżenia” project is to present and promote the most interesting and recognized literature for adults and children from six European countries: Slovenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece and Portugal among the Polish readers. The project will not only promote the literature of those countries, but also the culture and tradition and create a bigger interest in those regions of Europe, which in result will open new opportunities for other publishers to enter the Polish market. In this regard authors will also gain new audience in Poland. The project also assumes publishing two Polish titles for children in Slovenia with our partner KUD Sodobnost International and promoting our culture abroad. Our promotional plan will include many activities like authors and translators meetings and illustrators workshops in Poland and Slovenia that will reach new audience. Moreover we want to improve reading among Polish adults and kids by reaching the audience with good quality books. Ezop carefully selected eight books to introduce to Polish readers, three for kids and five for adults, including four acclaimed and EUPL awarded novels. We also chose two awarded and recognized books for kids from Poland to present to Slovenian readers in cooperation with KUD Sodobnost Int. Additionally to publishing the books, Ezop will implement various promotion strategies throughout two years to enable readers to get to know the authors and the cultural codes they operate with. Our partner is Slovenian will also prepare vast promotion campaign for the two Polish books. An important goal of the project is to promote reading among children, develop literary and artistic tastes and pro-European attitudes and openness to other cultures among youngsters. Within the project we also plan to prepare sample translations of three Polish books from our catalogue into three major languages: English, French and German.

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