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Let’s Read Together

Let's Read Together

Lider projektu Wydawnictwo Tatarak Rok dofinansowania 2022 Schemat dofinansowania Wsparcie obiegu literatury europejskiej

This project involves publishing 7 translated European literary works, promoting their circulation through attractive, multi-channel communication, and launching a new program, Let’s Read Together, to promote both these specific works and overall joint parent-child reading activities. The Let’s Read Together program would be developed together with the Universal Reading Foundation, other publishing houses and distribution partners. It would encourage parents, especially fathers, to read aloud to and with their children by suggesting proven, attractive titles, enriched with the best European titles, that encourage them to play with their children, creating a bond and strengthening their relationship, and helping the children transition from young listeners into independent readers in the early school years. The project also includes core translation, publishing, distribution, & promotional activities, both physical (book fairs, workshops) and online (advertisements, social media, bloggers), and begins building a base for future international growth, with distribution and knowledge sharing with Bohem Press Italia. This would benefit the parents and their children, reduce current gender gaps, and contribute to the objectives of this call by strengthening the transnational circulation and diversity of European literary works (translating works from/to 6 countries), encouraging translations from lesser used languages (Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch), reaching new audiences for literary works (parents not currently reading to their children), and encouraging domestic & transnational cooperation within the book value chain. It will also provide significant visibility (reaching over 500.000 parents through traditional & social media, presence in over 100 distribution points, etc) of the translated works, authors, & translators as well as of EU funding and the Creative Europe Programme, with access enhanced by our outreach to libraries and our inclusion of e-books and audiobooks.

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