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IMZ – International Music and Media Centre

IMZ - International Music and Media Centre

Lider projektu IMZ - International Music + Media Centre Kwota dofinansowania 240.693,85 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2017 Schemat dofinansowania Sieci europejskie Strona internetowa

The International Music and Media Centre (IMZ) is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the performing arts through audiovisual media. Founded under the aegis of UNESCO in 1961 it has since established the largest business network for the performing arts, film and cultural TV content industry worldwide. The network connects more than 150 member organisations active at the intersection of performing arts and media. Members include major European and international players like: BBC, ARTE, ZDF, NHK, Unitel, C Major, EuroArts, Metropolitan Opera New York, the Vienna State Opera, Berlin Phil and the London Symphony Orchestra.

The IMZ is committed to the business promotion of its members by connecting producers with co-producers, financiers, buyers or distributors; providing networking and pitching opportunities and by advancing the future of cultural film through young talent promotion and audience development.


Market Access and Network

The IMZ hosts the Avant Première Music and Media Market Berlin, the annual trade fair for cultural TV content. It is the largest marketplace and B2B event for the performing arts in audiovisual media, connecting 550 international experts.


While the IMZ Academy is an initiative to support young talent and foster knowledge transfer and peer learning, the pitching sessions connect potential partners and provide development opportunities for projects and ideas.

Audience Development

More than 260,000 visitors attended Music Film Festivals programmed by the IMZ in 2017 alone, of which 40% were self-reported newcomers to cultural performances. Since the festival and free admission encourage attendance, the IMZ will be expanding its programming activities.


While innovation is embedded in all activities, the IMZ specifically engages in showcasing innovative technologies for the arts and spearheads working groups on platforms, copyrights and new business models

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