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Future Architecture

Future Architecture

Lider projektu MUZEJ ZA ARHITEKTURO IN OBLIKOVANJE (SI) Partnerzy projektu The Association of Belgrade Architects (RS)
Haus der Architektur (AT)
Tretaroka drustvo (SL)
Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa (PT)
Fondazione MAXXI - Museo Nazionale delle Arti (IT)
Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu (PL)
Ruby Press (DE)
LBR Oris Kuca arhitekture - Udruga (HR)
Kwota dofinansowania 500 000 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2015 Schemat dofinansowania PLATFORMY EUROPEJSKIE

Future Architecture platform builds on the European idea of architecture, which involves innovation and illustrates how culture, creative mindset and cross-disciplinary work contribute to sustainable development, in view of its impact on cities, economy, social cohesion and environment. The first pan-European platform of architecture museums, festivals and producers will promote ideas on the future of cities and architecture under single European Quality label to bring them closer to wider audiences. Our goals:• Think Future. The platform builds on the social mission of European architecture as a cultural invention that has potential of improving the quality of life. The programme will expose emerging generation of talents of various disciplines and circulate them to present their ideas about the future of cities and architecture.• Exchange. A multidisciplinary perspective of European cities and architecture is at the core of the platform. We want to engage various creative disciplines, build relations between creators, institutions and audiences, and form cross-sectors networks that will last beyond the project. 14 organisers from 13 countries will create a pan-European programme reaching 250.000 people, tour emerging creators and present their ideas at exhibitions, conferences, lectures, workshops, books and web platform. Some events will take place at ECOC in Wroclaw 2016 and Aarhus 2017.• Raise awareness. The platform wants to make the complex issues of architecture comprehensible to everyone and promote a more sustainable living environment. We want to rethink architecture as human centered activity with transformative potentials that can solve significant problems beyond building. • Build commitment. The project highlights common EU values in a process of searching and presenting new ideas. A Future Architecture European Quality label will recognize organisers who work with aspiring emerging talents and show commitment towards the objectives of the platform.



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