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FUlfiLLing the Skills, COmpetences and know-how Requirements of cultural and creative players in the European music sector

FUlfiLLing the Skills, COmpetences and know-how Requirements of cultural and creative players in the European music sector

Lider projektu ASSOCIATION EUROPEENNE DES CONSERVATOIRES, ACADEMIES DE MUSIQUE ET MUSIKHOCHSCHULEN Kwota dofinansowania 220 000 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2014 Schemat dofinansowania SIECI EUROPEJSKIE Czas realizacji 01.09.2014 - 31.08.2015

Cultural and Creative Higher Education (CCHE) plays a crucial role in strengthening the capacity of the cultural and creative sectors. Its graduates will become leading cultural and creative players of tomorrow and, if equipped with the right skills, competences and know-how, will contribute decisively to strengthening these sectors and promoting innovation.In the musical field, conservatoires are the dominant institutions for the delivery of CCHE. AEC is the European network which represents 90% of these institutions across the EHEA. ‘FULL SCORE’, represents a bold new step in the Association’s continuing work to reinforce CCHE in music.‘FULL SCORE’ embodies the following actions:A. Strengthening of the European Music Education Sector: overseeing joint projects with EAS and EMU and exploring potential synergies in training the musicians of tomorrow B. Evaluation for Enhancement: assessing how effectively all stages and strands of music education in Europe work coherently to provide future cultural and creative players with relevant skills, competences and know-how C. Conservatoires and the Development of Cultural Policy for Music: sharing innovative approaches to promoting music, highlighting the value of its role in European culture and encouraging wider take-upD. Career Development towards Professionalisation and Internationalisation: helping cultural and creative players to internationalise their careers and activities E. Conservatoires as Innovators and Audience Developers: sharing innovative approaches to genre diversification, contemporary orientation and cultural stimulation F. Young Musicians as International Networkers: drawing upon the fresh perspectives of young musicians to enrich the debate about engaging in new and innovative ways with audiences and facilitating access to professional opportunitiesOutputs from these will strengthen AEC’s support to CCHE, focus its support to members and reinforce synergies with other European organisations.

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