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Lider projektu EUROPEAN DANCEHOUSE NETWORK Kwota dofinansowania 198 507,98 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2014 Schemat dofinansowania SIECI EUROPEJSKIE Czas realizacji 01.09.2014 - 31.08.2015

EDN will encourage dialogue and exchange, not only at the level of directors but including all levels and professional profiles throughout its membership, furthering collaborative efforts to apply in local contexts the best practice that can be found internationally.A strategic plan has been drawn up through a process of consultation and consideration by the network membership which sets out five major strategic objectives, and accompanying actions, that are to be approved yearly by the Assembly on the recommendation of the Board. The strategic objectives, approved at the last Assembly meeting in Hamburg on 28th, February, 2014, are:1. To improve all forms of resources for the professional and artistic development of artists across Europe. ACTIONS Organise activities (following activity planning: conferences, ateliers, active training, etc) ; Share different funding opportunities.2. To achieve the stabilization of the network as such and to contribute to the sustainability of emerging new structures for dance art. ACTIONS: Different applications, new members. 3. To improve the visibility of dance and of the EDN in Europe and beyond; ACTIONS: Undertake political actions to advocate and lobby for the dancehouse model; Participate at dance platforms and events ; Devise a new communication plan. 4. To promote co-operation between members, and to promote the wider adoption of the dancehouse model – especially in regions with less well-developed structures and supports for dance; ACTIONS: Carte Blanche exchanges; Prepare digital ways of sharing information; presentation of projects ; Two Assembly meetings per year5. To facilitate exchange between network members among a broader spectrum of project partners. ACTIONS: Develop the EDN database for directors, artists and selected, target audience groups; conduct scientific studies and analyses of best practice.

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