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EMC – European Music Council

EMC - European Music Council

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European Music Council – Network of European Music Organisations

The European Music Council (EMC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development and promotion of all genres and types of music in Europe. It advocates access to music for all and for freedom of musical expression across Europe. As part of the International Music Council (IMC), the EMC strategies and actions are based on the 5 IMC music rights.

The EMC network comprises music organisations involved in the fields of music education, creation, performance, participation, production and heritage. As a membership organisation, it provides real value to its members through the analysis of policy developments and the formulation of policy statements, capacity building and knowledge exchange as well as networking opportunities within and beyond the music sector on an international platform.


The EMC connects music organisations from various European countries and backgrounds with each other through its diverse communication tools (printed publications, newsletters, social media, website). The organisation also opens up to music networks and stakeholders which are not part of the EMC membership through its initiative the European Agenda for Music.

The EMC will also offer young cultural operators an insight into working at the European level via its fellowship programme. Through this the organisation hopes to promote good working relationships between partners which will lead to further European cooperation in the future.

The EMC will participate in music fairs, forums, workshops and meetings which will form the basis for its discussions with political institutions at the EU, national and local level.

The EMC workshops, webinars and conferences will tackle current challenges for the music sector and bring together up to 300 participants in a different European city each year. In September 2019, the EMC will celebrate the 6th World Forum on Music together with IMC’s 70th Anniversary in Paris.

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