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EDN – European Dancehouse Network

EDN - European Dancehouse Network

Lider projektu European Dancehouse Network Kwota dofinansowania 250 000,00 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2017 Schemat dofinansowania Sieci europejskie Strona internetowa

Europejska Sieć Domów Tańca działa na rzecz promocji i prezentacji sztuki oraz twórców i wykonawców tańca współczesnego, a także jego profesjonalizacji i rozwoju jako formy sztuki oraz ulepszania infrastruktury w sektorze tańca. Ponadto angażuje się w działania służące budowaniu publiczności, rozwojowi kompetencji społecznych, włączaniu społecznemu i integracji międzypokoleniowej poprzez taniec.

Sieć współtworzy Art Stations Foundation.

EDN21: strenghten – impact – imagine

The EDN is a network for trust and collaboration between European dancehouses sharing a common vision for the development of dance art across borders.

Dancehouses have facilities for dance production, research and presentation, support for professional choreographers and dancers and a public mandate for independent artistic management. In parallel to their annual programmes, dancehouses organise activities for learning and participation and regularly engage with dance and related issues at a local and international level.

All members of the European Dancehouse Network collaborate to promote the idea of a diverse Europe, strengthen the relevance of dance and secure a sustainable future for the dance sector.


The EDN will develop a model of support involving three priority strands: strengthening professional practice, enhancing public engagement and progressing the network.

Carte Blanche will be a mechanism for dancehouse staff to visit other partners in Europe on a come-and-see basis, around 20 ateliers will help provide a deeper practical and theoretical knowledge of relevant themes, one forum a year will explore different ways of organising dialogue between members, artists, audiences and external experts and the EDN will investigate long term collaborations in North America, Asia-Pacific and Balkan countries.

During the period 2017-2021 the EDN will encourage the creative entrepreneurship of independent dance makers by adding to the know-how on artistic working strategies and methodologies to confront cultural, political and economic challenges, sharing data and information to develop new interest groups and by advocating for dance at the highest political level.

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