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ECSA – European Composer and Songwriter Alliance

ECSA - European Composer and Songwriter Alliance

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The ECSA is a network of over 30 000 songwriters and composers in Europe that speaks on behalf of creators of art and classical, popular and audiovisual music. The network’s core mission is to defend and promote the rights of music authors with the objective of improving their social and economic conditions.

ECSA also acts as the ‘authors’ voice’ on copyright policies in the music industry and promotes legislation for fairer pay and a more sustainable, diverse music ecosystem. The network works closely with like-minded organisations and has established partnerships with music creator groups in North-America, Africa, Asia and South America.


Our public events include the Creators Conference, a unique moment of artistic and professional exchanges which enables music creators to share their experiences with their European peers and high-level policy makers. Each year, we also organise the European Film Music Day in Cannes, which features different experts coming from all over Europe and beyond, addressing key issues for audiovisual composers.

In addition, ECSA’s activities also include projects supporting the transnational mobility of authors and the circulation of diverse European musical works. The European Contemporary Composers Orchestra, for instance, is dedicated to performing and promoting contemporary art music and reaching new audiences. It operates as a network of active ensembles, orchestras and young professionals, supporting a creative dialogue between composers and performers.

The Capacity Triangle consists of workshops specifically tailored to the needs of creators with the goal of strengthening their entrepreneurial and digital capacities. Last but not least, the “Camille Awards” provide the opportunity to celebrate and reward composers of exceptional film music.

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