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Discover, Explore, Understand – the World in Literature

Discover, Explore, Understand – the World in Literature

Lider projektu Widnokrąg s.c. Kwota dofinansowania 59 500,00 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2020 Schemat dofinansowania TŁUMACZENIA LITERACKIE (kategoria I) Strona internetowa

The aim of our project is to answer the most distressing problems and issues of modern times. The themes around which we have created the catalogue of books for the project is built around topics relevant for our target audience, such as: ecology and climate change, emigration and national identity and human condition in an unstable world with changing values.

Another aim is to represent literature not only from different cultural and linguistic, but also geographical circles; from north and south of Europe (Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, UK) and beyond (Georgia), to show how universal it is in terms of topics and how diverse in terms of describing reality, referring to local myths, legends, experiences, traditions and ways of life.

The project involves publishing 9 books: 7 for children aged 8-12 (increasing the publication of underrepresented genres) and 2 for adults (EUPL – increasing the access to high quality European literature); 8 books will be published in Poland and 1 in Spain (translation from a less represented language). All books will be published in print form as well as eBooks and some as audiobooks too, which will help us to reach new readers and will support them in their adventure with literature.

The promotional strategy is to present every book as a starting point for essential discussion about universal human problems relevant to children and adults. Therefore the books will be seen as a wise and worthwhile choice, as an attractive offer, both for children and adults. The focus will be on the educational potential of the titles, through activities directed at

opinion makers – librarians, teachers and parenting bloggers. The spotlight in those activities will be on the role of translators as well as the actions taken by the EU in order to promote literary translations. In addition the campaign will involve online activities addressed directly at children.

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