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Comics Discussions

Comics Discussions

Lider projektu FUNDACJA TRANZYT Kwota dofinansowania 41 243,69 EUR Rok dofinansowania 2020 Schemat dofinansowania TŁUMACZENIA LITERACKIE (kategoria I) Czas realizacji 1.10.2020-31.12.2021

Comics Discussions champions cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe and supports the circulation of under-represented literary genres by introducing Polish readers to 6 exceptional comic books written in lesser-used languages (Norwegian, Dutch, Czech). Our sound editorial strategy has allowed us to select outstanding graphic novels that have a potential for initiating meaningful discussions. Targeted at adolescents and adults and concerning issues relevant to all Europeans — history and identity, sense of belonging, and European values that transcend local and national interests — these critically acclaimed literary works convey the core of European heart in a refreshingly engaging way.

Fundacja Tranzyt will work with some of the most experienced translators to ensure that the excellence and intelligence of original texts is matched in Polish. We will produce hardback and eBook editions representing best European publishing standards. Our intensified efforts will be directed towards innovative distribution and promotion activities specifically designed for each book. We will work closely with existing network of 8,000 public libraries and 2,000 Discussion Book Clubs operating in Poland and boasting around 6 million members. We will not only distribute and promote the books but also provide resources so that librarians and readers will better understand and appreciate cultural contexts of European graphic novels. We aim to turn librarians and book club members into advocates for comic books and reach new readership for this dramatically overlooked literature, which in Poland is still frequently identified only with books for children.

We will also participate in book fairs, run extensive online promotion, and organise meetings with authors and translators to shed more light on the professions of writer and translator. Comics Discussions will ultimately support translated literature, reach a broad readership, and make comics books easily accessible.

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