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ACT TO PROTECT – Greening the Children’s Literature in Europe

ACT TO PROTECT - Greening the Children's Literature in Europe

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The aim of our project „Act2Protect – Greening the Children’s Literature in Europe” is to answer the most distressing issues of our times. The catalogue of books is built around topics relevant for our target audience (children age 8-12), such as: climate change provoking numerous social changes, consumerism, overproduction of waste, the collapse of ecosystems as result of human activity. Apart from strengthening the cultural and linguistic diversity, the project also aims at representing literature from different geographical circles: from Western, Eastern and Northern Europe. It involves the publication of 5 books from 4 different EU countries: France, Norway, Finland, Estonia in Poland, which will increase the presence of foreign literature and will lessen the disproportion between the books from Western Europe and from other countries on the Polish market. We also plan to publish 2 Polish books in Sweden and France. The aim of the cooperation will be to reach new audiences for Polish literary works as well as to encourage translations from lesser used languages in these countries. All books will be published in paper as well as eBooks. All books published in Poland will be also published as audiobooks which will help us to reach new readers and will support them in their adventure with literature. Thanks to the partnership with the La Fontaine Foundation we will be able to include disabled people in the circle of potential recipients of culture. The promotional strategy is to present every book as a starting point for essential discussion about universal human problems relevant to children. Therefore the books will be seen as a wise and worthwhile choice. The focus will be on the educational potential of the titles, through activities directed at opinion makers – librarians, teachers, NGOs, press, bloggers. The spotlight in those activities will be on the role of translators as well as the actions taken by the EU in order to promote literary translations.

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