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Organizacja / Organisation TOPOS ALLOU-AEROPLIO THEATER & ARTS ORGANIZATION Kontakt / Contact Mika Panagou Stage & costume Designer, Artistic Manager
[email protected]
mob: +30-6944360015
Obszar grantowy / Scheme Łączenie kultury i treści audiowizualnych poprzez cyfryzację / Bridging culture and audiovisual content through digital Dziedzina / Field Moda/ Fashion
Muzealnictwo/ Museology
Sztuki wizualne / Visual arts
Sztuki Performatywne / Performative Arts
Teatr / Theatre
Termin naboru / Deadline 14.05.2020


CostuΜoda project
CostuΜoda project concerns the creation of a Virtual Costume Museum. We aspire to collect and create a unique Virtual Exhibition, with Costume exhibits from different European countries (characteristic of their times and country), that will include :

  • Theater Costumes
  • Contemporary Societies Dress
  • Costumes of previous Historic ages
  • Fashion Creations of important Designers of the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • Traditional European Costumes.

COSTUMODA, aspires to be a significant work with Artistic, Historic and Educational added value.
In the virtual 360o/VR that will be designed, there will be Theater Costumes, Historic and Traditional Costumes, representing the European countries. Valuable Costumes that can be the source of knowledge and civilization. The visitor will be able via the New Technologies to visit, investigate, see in detail and admire costumes, other Eras of fashion and theater forms and dress habits and techniques that reveal peoples everyday lives.
Furthermore, the visitor will also have access to information concerning historic and theater practical techniques in relation to the making (sewing-tailoring) and construction (weaving and textiles) of the costumes.
COSTUMODA virtual Museum and its exhibits will be set up in a Theatrical way and its innovation will be that not only the visitor will move around them but also the Costumes will move around the visitor as Actors will wear them and move as live models. We envision an adventurous visit at the COSTUMODA virtual museum and not a dull virtual walk around a room with costumes where you know what to expect next.
COSTUMODA will give the opportunity to the visitor to see up-close and in detail, parts of a Costume (collars, cuffs necklines etc.) and its accessories (purses, clutches, belts, gloves etc).
The simple visitor will admire the Fashion of years past and peoples habitual habits, theater forms, colors and schemes etc.
A more specific visitor will be able to research and explore the details and find information and comparative knowledge about the civilizations of every era.
Concerning the Theater section, a Stage-costume Designer, Dramaturge or Director will see live before them information usually seen in photos and movies that are not offered as a source of research and knowledge.
As an Educational activity, a young visitor, an adolescent, or a younger student will be able by clicking on the mouse to read from a drop-down menu useful historical, cultural and artistic information, or even more discover virtually the inside out of a costume or dress.
COSTUMODA will not be restricted only into collections from all the partners but will extend its research and in paintings of the Great Masters as authentic monuments of their Eras that provide information and Knowledge Historically validated. A Fragonard painting for example contains numerous information and is a source for endless elements of the costumes of the Era of the French Regime.
A virtual Museum has the dominance of selecting its exhibits and focusing on their details, while presenting them in a unique new way to the Visitor of the world. Its Educational potential is most important as it can bring students of all ages closer to European Eras from a different point of view and via new virtual technologies.

We would be very much interested to have partners from any Museum or other institution that has a collection of Costumes in the fields of Fashion. Theater, Historic-Period or Traditional and want to present them and create digital content and a virtual Gallery. Theatre museum-institutions, Fashion Museum-Galleries, Theaters.



TOPOS ALLOU-AEROPLIO, arts and theatre organization is an artistic theatrical non-profit organization that was founded in 1985. It specialized in the research and completes projects concerning Theater, Education, digital innovation, and creates performances.

The board of administration of AEROPLIO consists of many well-known people of Literature and the Arts that have a substantial work in the Greek Artistic Area specialises in:

  •  Research and Collection of Theater Costumes of important European Theater Works and accessories-costume elements along with Historic & Fashion dresses of the 20th century (2004 Costume and Time project of Digitalization of 5000 photos and concerning original Dress in Greece 1900-1990)
  • Educating Adults and young people in Theatre Studies, storytelling and creative writing, Stage & Costume design & Fine Arts
  • Adult Education and Training for Teachers and Pedagogues in the use of Arts & Theatre as a Creative Learning method with the use of the New Information & Communication Technologies
  • Research and collection of material concerning the History of the Theatre & Costume. There exists important material in books, video- tapes, photos and magazines-newspapers
  • Research upon the History of the European Popular Theatre Forms: large –scale puppets, masks and shadow- theatre elements.


Data publikacji: 30/04/2020

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