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Teater V

Organizacja / Organisation Teater V Kraj / Country Dania / Denmark (DK) Strona internetowa / Website Kontakt / Contact Povl Gad Obszar grantowy / Scheme Projekty Współpracy Europejskiej / European Cooperation Projects Dziedzina / Field Sztuki cyfrowe / Digital arts
Technologia/ Technology
Projekty interdyscyplinarne / Interdisciplinary projects
Sztuki Performatywne / Performative Arts
Teatr / Theatre
Termin zgłoszenia się do projektu / Deadline for participation in a project 10.03.2022
Project Leader


In collaboration with theatre ensembles from across Europe we want to experiment with and develop the artform of
Digi Drama Meaning a whole new hybrid artform in the space between theatre and cinema, written and produced for live streaming on
the internet.
The participating ensembles will each produce two pieces during the project period. Between the two productions, the
partners will run a joint competition calling for manuscripts written especially for this format. The second production will be
based on manuscripts from the competition.
The project is primarily an artistic experiment in digitalization of stage performances / live cinema. Secondarily a techproduction
adapting a suitable streaming platform for the purpose. By including partners from several countries, we wish
to make the experiment as broad and diverse as possible.

Preferred field of expertise One Tech-partner, One Academic partner
Three to four artistic partners, primarily from the field of theatre, but related stage arts could be involved.



Data publikacji: 25/02/2022

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