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Social Cooperative Enterprise “Culture and Prosperity”

Organizacja / Organisation Social Cooperative Enterprise “Culture and Prosperity” Strona internetowa / Website Kontakt / Contact Online Communication Manager: Vangelis Sarantopoulos
e-mail: [email protected]
Head of the Office of the Social Cooperative Society "Culture and Prosperity":
Taxiarchis - Ioannis Sarantopoulos
Central E-mail contact: [email protected]
Obszar grantowy / Scheme Projekty Współpracy Europejskiej / European Cooperation Projects Dziedzina / Field Festiwal / Festival
Sztuki wizualne / Visual arts
Sztuki Performatywne / Performative Arts
Teatr / Theatre


Our team consists of professionals and teaching experts, who not only provide all their knowledge but are also able to impart and share their knowledge and professional experiences and advice.
Our values are based on the daily effort to establish relationships between members and maintain balance, implementing and adhering to the democratic decision-making system, according to the principle: one member - one vote, regardless of the contribution of each member.
We are constantly evaluated under a strict system of criteria that we have set and accepted all members, based on our professional qualities, in terms of the effectiveness of our individual actions. In
addition, we seek mutual support, both morally and professionally, to meet the needs of the collective.
The maintenance of the quality of our services results from the organizational structure of the cooperative and the will for continuous development. We believe that with this step we are achieving efficiency in our collaborations.
Gaining a considerable amount of experience from 2013 to the present, based on the above, we would like to participate as a partner in any project carried out in the context of the aforementioned areas related to sustainable artistic creation, the development of art facilities and performances with a strong educational focus on young / young professionals and educators of the cultural sector as well as the wider promotion of the Regional Unit and in particular of Ancient Olympia.

Cooperation with the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Ancient Olympia:
As a registered cultural entity in the Register of Cultural Bodies of the Ministry of Culture and Sports from 2018 until today we have cooperated with the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Ancient Olympia, which is the competent management authority of the International Festival of Ancient Olympia various artistic groups and theatrical performances that are active in Greece and abroad in an open-air amphitheater of 4,500 seats (approximately) available It is owned by the Municipality of Ancient Olympia.
Ancient Olympia, widely known around the world for its archeological monuments and generator of the Olympic Games, the truce, the noble rivalry, is the beacon of expression of sporting, cultural and artistic ideas.
Our guests and those who decide to work with us will have the opportunity to tour the archeological site of Ancient Olympia, to be informed about the actions of the Municipality that take place every year, to taste local traditional delicacies, to visit the facilities of the International Olympic Academy and listen or experience as long as the customs and traditions of the area so wish.

The desire of Social Cooperative Enterprise "Culture and Prosperity" and the organizations we work with is to expand our collaborations, to give the right and the opportunity to participate in artists to transfer their creativity to Ancient Olympia and any collaboration we develop, in order to connect and acquaintance of different cultural and artistic events as well as the wider acquaintance of the citizens of the local community with the customs and traditions of each partner from different geographical points of the European Union. resulting from his active participation.
In addition we are very interested in participating in joint dialogues and developing all kinds of discussions on intercultural reconciliation, artistic education, artistic and cultural creation as part of sustainable processes, the adoption and dissemination of different peoples' cultures.


The Social Cooperative Enterprise "Culture and Prosperity" was established in December 2013 with headquarters in Krestena of the Municipality of Andritsaina - Krestena, of the Peripheral Unit of Ilia.
The purpose of the cooperative is the collective and social benefit. In particular, sustainable development and the provision of social services of general interest.
The Basic Support Pillar of the Social Cooperative Enterprise "Culture and Prosperity" are the specialized specialties of its members, which differ from each other and have the result that they are addressed to Education, Culture, Sports, Tourism, and the Agricultural sector. In this way, its activities are strengthened, expanded and developed at local, regional, national and European level.
At our headquarters They operate:
• The Music Workshop. (designed space for artistic and creative expression)
• The Mortgage Library.
• Music-kinetic education.
• Company Office to support other actions and collaborations.
• Platform operations (e-learning) for asynchronous and modern (live) training.

Data publikacji: 01/06/2020

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