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Associação Cultural teatromosca

Organizacja / Organisation Associação Cultural teatromosca Kraj / Country Portugalia / Portugal (PT) Strona internetowa / Website Kontakt / Contact Pedro Alves (Artistic Director) - [email protected] Obszar grantowy / Scheme Projekty Współpracy Europejskiej / European Cooperation Projects Dziedzina / Field Technologia/ Technology
Literatura / Literature
Sztuki Performatywne / Performative Arts
Termin zgłoszenia się do projektu / Deadline for participation in a project 28.02.2022


Ler e Dizer o Teatro em Família’ (‘Reading and Saying Theatreas Family/ies’) is a concept/idea developed by the Frenchassociation Les Scènes Appartagées, based on an idea by LaLisière and the Petits et Grands festival. This association bringstogether artists (authors, actors and theatre directors...)theater structures and families and has the support of theFrench Ministry of Culture. In 2018 Les Scènes Appartagées was supported by the SACD (Société des Auteurs etCompositeurs Dramatiques). Since 2020, teatromosca haspromoted the project in Portugal, with the aim of(re)approaching dramatic literary works to the publics and, in aspirit of sharing, discovery and conviviality, stimulating thecirculation of contemporary theatre works.An artist (playwright, actor, director...) visits a family's home tohelp them discover and encourage them to read a set of contemporarydramatic texts for young audiences. Since 2020,these meetings have been taking place online, through different electronic platforms. During the implementation of the project, the artist chooses texts according to the composition of the family, based on a pre-selection prepared by the reading committee of Scènes Appartagées and teatromosca. Then, the artists invited should accompany parents and children,
grandparents and grandchildren, neighbors, friends, in this process of discovering a contemporary play that (after two sessions of no more than 90 minutes, that will serve as
rehearsals) will end up being chosen by the family and read out loud in a moment of conviviality with others who will be invited
to their home. What teatromosca intends and seeks is not only a replication of the project in other countries, but also the establishment of a network of partners that allows the emergence of new texts and their dissemination within this network that can, in fact, expand



teatromosca is a Portuguese theatre company from Sintra(near Lisbon) that privileges the establishment ofco-productions and collaborations with different national andinternational institutions, is responsible for programming thetheatre venue AMAS – Auditório Municipal António Silva and fororganizing MUSCARIUM a performing arts festival that runseach year in September, regularly hosting national andinternational performances, as well as creating its own originalartistic projects. The company encourages artistic interactionand exploration of the contemporary urban environment,especially in the contexts of memory and space, and has beencreating spaces for research and artistic experimentation,promoting the interaction with different communities,developing exhibitions, seminars, workshops, artisticresidencies and touring its own theatrical projects in Portugaland abroad. Even in the context of a pandemic, the companyhas never stopped working, having adapted and invested inequipment and training teams, in order to live streamperformances, seeking to maintain contact with its usualaudiences, reaching new publics and also contributing to anincreasingly democratized access to Culture. teatromosca willcontinue to invest in a mixed format for the programming ofAMAS and the festival and in the conception of its ownperformances/projects, presenting them online and at the theatre

Data publikacji: 11/02/2022

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