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Amigos de la Alcazaba de Almeria

Organizacja / Organisation Amigos de la Alcazaba de Almeria Kraj / Country Hiszpania / Spain (ES) Strona internetowa / Website Organization website: project website: Kontakt / Contact Rafael Anton [email protected]
Francisco Verdegay [email protected]
Obszar grantowy / Scheme Projekty Współpracy Europejskiej / European Cooperation Projects Dziedzina / Field Dziedzictwo / Heritage


Objective 1 Innovation: to enhance the capacity of European cultural and creative sectors to nurture talents, to innovate, to prosper and to generate jobs and growth

Responding to the Culture Strand indications, this project is innovative in several ways:

- it merges together for the first time, all the categories of Cultural Heritage (Unesco Labels an EH Label ) in a sigle event that will be available for viewing on-line at any time (the “Heritage Days” takes the form of a local event and is limited to two days per year). It will bring together and display on a unique map the whole of the Heritage sites that are usually disgregated and presented separately.

- it will bring to the education system a packed and classified pedagogical resource to be directly used in the european classrooms

Culture Strand Priority 1: Audience
Culture Strand Priority 2: New Technologies

As several UE reports alert, achieving a better communication is a general necessity for European Heritage, and when European Heritage Label is concerned, it is absolutely mandatory (recommendation 11)

Besides, a serious effort is to be made specifically towards the Youth because.. 1) it is they who will take care of Heritage in the future 2) there is a risk of their complete lost of interest in Cultural Heritage because of the huge offer of entertainment from videogames, virtual gaming, e-sports and others alike, and 3) if well done, streaming platforms bring unique and excellent opportunities to connect the Youth with Heritage. Let’s not waste the chance

As a matter of fact, as far as the objective of raising awareness of the importance of Cultural Heritage among the youth is concerned, these two priorities make up a single one: it is not even possible to consider the possibility of raising audience among the youth without appealing to new technologies.



Amigos de la Alcazaba has a long experience protecting and promoting Almeria's major Cultural Heritage: la Alcazaba. We are the largest, the more ancient, and more prestigious cultural associaction of Almeria. We are also member of spain’s national cultural federation Asociación Española de Amigos de los Castillos ( ) which was funded in 1952 and whose Honorary Presidency since 1976 is Sus Majestades los Reyes de España Our organization seeks also to reach Unesco World Heritage recognition for our monument that dates back to Al-Andalus period. It was built in the XIº century and after is reconquist was converted into a defensive fortress. It shows a special fusion of muslim and catholic features With this project our organization wants to enhance the cultural heritage as a major asset for fostering cultural tourism

In order to help european people to get closer and more familiar with their own cultural heritage, our asociation has conceived the 3D’S approch to cultural heritage. (3 Ds stands for: Defender, Disfrutar, Difundir; that is: Protect, Promote, and Enjoy)

Data publikacji: 11/02/2022

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